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When did you last get an unconventional idea? Unconventional ideas come in unconventional places.

When it comes to meetings, incentives, conferences and events, the Faroe Islands have a unique combination of modernity and originality. And they are only 2-3 hours away by flight from continental Europe.

If you aren’t familiar with the Faroe Islands, don’t worry – you're not the only one. The Faroe Islands are an archipelago of 18 tiny islands in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, situated between Iceland and Norway. In this amazing nature with torn cliffs, steep mountains and green meadows we can organize unique meetings, incentives or conferences.

National Geographic elected the Faroe Islands as a “2015 Best of the World” destination and the magazine Business Destinations elected the Faroe Islands as a TOP 10 MICE destination in 2015.

However, in spite of this, the Faroe Islands remain one of the world’s least explored destinations. Absorbing the unexplored natural world in the Faroe Islands encourages valuable introspection.

Openness and creativity are qualities that are triggered by beautiful surroundings – unconventional ideas come naturally in the Faroe Islands.

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Meetings in Scandinavia
Meetings in Scandinavia
Meetings in Scandinavia
The Faroe Islands offer thrilling experiences and a rugged environment. Steep cliffs rising from the open sea, narrow straits between the islands, natural harbors surrounds by small villages and a countless number of birds.
Incentive ideas the Faroe Islands

Panorama and Vestmanna Bird Cliffs
By coach via the mountain road to Vestmanna where our excursion boat awaits. The boat sails along the dramatic cliff wall into a narrow strait and into some of the many grottoes. En route back to Torshavn we will make a stop at an old Viking farmstead in the quaint village of Kvivik. Available Thursdays and Saturdays from 01 June to 31 August.

Cruise with Nordlysid incl. light lunch
Enjoy Torshavn from the seaside on the old schooner 'Nordlysid´ and experience a multitude of seabirds on a 3-hour cruise, sailing close to the coastline to watch the cliffs rising from the sea. A light lunch of fish soup is served during the cruise. Transfer to/from Torshavn Harbour NOT included. Available Tuesdays and Thursday 01 June to 31 August.

Cave Concert with Nordlysid incl. light lunch
This trip will take you to the island Hestur where you find the magic Klæmints-gjógv that sets the scene for our world famous Cave Concerts. No concert will be the same because of nature's participation. Note: The trip requires a certain degree of mobility as we shall enter, from Norðlysið, into small boats to sail into the cave. Includes light lunch of fish soup. Available Tuesdays and Sundays in July only. Transfer to/from Torshavn Harbour NOT included.


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Meetings in Scandinavia