Meetings in Scandinavia
Meetings in Scandinavia…
Meetings in Scandinavia
The Meetovation Manifesto
Meetings must provide valuable experiences. The participants should leave your meeting with a sense of “this was valuable for me”. Only then will your meeting create value.”

This manifesto is behind CCMG Incoming when we offer our services for meeting planners all around in the Nordic countries. 

From venues to transportation and hotels we strive to always do our best try to find the right solution for you whether it is high level Board Meetings in Scandinavia with few participants or a larger meeting with several participants.

CCMG Incoming is able, as a professional Meeting Planner, to help you with the planning of meetings in Scandinavia with all the practical details as well as administration of the meetings in Scandinavia. This will help you concentrate on the most important parts as the content of the meetings in Scandinavia.

We can e.g. assist you with the following:

  • Preliminary planning
  • Hotel reservations
  • Transportation
  • Planning of social events, excursions ect.
  • Contact to flight carriers
  • VIP Events

Sometimes meetings need surroundings out of the ordinary – either for fitting to a certain theme or just for creating a unique atmosphere. Anyhow the result has to be a memorable experience – or as we prefer to call it - combining business with pleasure.    

The process of choosing meetings in Scandinavia serves also a higher purpose – to day when you meet it is not only about information but also about creating interactions – we would like to see the participants get involved. This demands the right physical frames as a part of supporting and encouraging e.g. learning, creativity and networking.


CCMG can offer most of the elements which are parts of the planning of creative and unique meetings in Scandinavia whether you plan to have it here in Denmark or any other place in the Northern part of the world, but we also take care single parts of the event depending on your needs and resources.