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A Copenhagen based MICE representation agency mainly for CVBs and DMC's worldwide
About CCMG Travel Marketing

Are you looking to increase the knowledge of your destination to the Scandinavian market?
Wondering how to generate relationships with the key buyers in Scandinavia?

CCMG has been on the Scandinavian market for more than 15 years and have obtained a vast amount of experience in the field of Destination Marketing as well as numerous valuable contacts to the Scandinavian tourism industry.
CCMG Travel Marketing is an agency that represents global DMC’s, Hotels, Convention Centres, Convention Bureaus and Tourist Boards all over the world. We are specialized in the MICE business (in- and outgoing) since 2002 and have through the years developed a profound knowledge of the requirements of the industry.
​Our primary goal is to provide representation services that not only drive sales and stimulate growth to your bottom line, but work to create a strong brand image and positive awareness in the Scandinavian markets. As we see it anyone can generate sales but we try to generate a meaningful brand image that will endure inevitable market fluctuations. We seek long-term partnerships that are mutual beneficial.
Why is CCMG Travel Marketing your ideal marketing partner?
We understand that your marketing and sales budget is limited and are dedicated to offering services that will work the hardest for you and generate real results. 
Our services focus on relationship building through marketing, public relations, and distributorship education for CVB’s and other tourism companies. The mission of CCMG Travel Marketing is to provide representation services that not only drive sales and stimulate growth to your bottom line, but work to create a strong brand image and positive awareness in the Scandinavian Market.
The way we look at it, anyone good can generate sales, but we also strive to generate a meaningful brand image that will endure inevitable market fluctuations and last through time. We seek long-term partnerships that are mutually beneficially.
​From single task sales activity to full representation, CCMG Travel Marketing is here to support you to enhance your market share and obtain the maximum return on your investment.
  1. Travel Training/MICE
    Travel Training/MICE
    Getting your product in front of operators who can and will sell your product as well as developing those relationships on your behalf is the next important step.
  2. Product positioning
    Product positioning
    We pride ourselves on having our fingers truly on the pulse of the MICE business in Scandinavia. We help position your product for success in the market.
  3. Your Destination
    Your Destination
    The best way to promote your product is Brand and Product positioning and development face to face whether it is workshops, functions or roadshows.
  4. Sales & Promotion
    Sales & Promotion
    Once the product has been introduced we follow up the entire sales process, stay in constant contact with your key partners for the long term.
  1. B2B Events Planning
    B2B Events Planning
    * Trade Shows * Conference & Seminars * Educationals * Workshops * Marketing Support Show traffic building Promotional give-aways Lead-generation programs Booth design and graphics Pre-show and onsite logistics Lead follow-up programs
  2. The best ROI
    The best ROI
    The growing Scandinavian outbound markets require a strategic approach and a reliable implementation of marketing efforts.
  3. Brand Positioning
    Brand Positioning
    Brand Positioning provide the most useful function of taking everything you know about your brand CCMG TM helps you keep the focus.
  4. Trade Shows
    Trade Shows
    * Research and scheduling * Speaking arrangements * Promotional give-aways * Booth design and graphics * Pre-show and onsite logistics
  1. Workshops
    Workshops on destination are always a great way to promote your destination. We assist you with finding the right venue, clients and promote your event.
  2. Conferences
    * Content, speaker and presentation * Attendee promotion and registration * Facility and logistics arrangements * Entertainment * Contract negotiations * Onsite management
  3. Educationals
    Within this industry it is vital that each and every one of us understands a destination before we can feel comfortable presenting it as an option to a client.
  4. Marketing Support
    Marketing Support
    * Destination advice * Hosted Buyer Groups * Product Launches * Seminars * Trade Exhibitions * Travel Trade Press Relation
Previous events ...

  • Germany, Hamburg Educational 2014 
  • UK, Manchester/Liverpool Educational 2014 
  • Spain, Costa Blanca Educational 2015 
  • Portugal, Lisbon Educational 2016
  • Spain, Madrid Educational 2016
  • Italy, Rome Educational 2016
  • France, Paris Educational 2016

Workshops / representation

  • Afternoon Tea Event, Copenhagen 2015 (VisitEngland)
  • Afternoon Tea Event, Stockholm 2015 (VisitEngland) 
  • Hamburg Jazz Event, Copenhagen 2015 (Hamburg CVB) 
  • Hamburg Jazz Event, Stockholm 2015 (Hamburg CVB) 
  • Bristol Workshop, Copenhagen 2016 (Bristol, UK CVB) 
  • Washington DC Event, Copenhagen 2016 (DC CVB)
  • Monaco Tourist Authority, Oslo 2017
  • Monaco Tourist Authority, Stockholm 2017
  • Monaco Toursit Authoruty, Copenhagen 2017

Hosted Buyer Groups

  • CONVENE, Vilnius
  • CONVENTA, Ljubjana 
  • MCE, Berlin
  • MCE, Rome

Sales Calls (Denmark, Sweden & Norway)
          Monaco Tourist Authority, 2017

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  5. Title 5